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SBU Deputy Head: SBU exposed mechanism of Russian illegal influence on election results (video)

The SBU exposed Russia-devised mechanism of buying the electorate and influencing the results of voting in course of the Presidential Elections in Ukraine, said Viktor Kosonenko, SBU Deputy Head, at the briefing.

For setting up and implementing the unlawful actions the executors used the illegally obtained “dirty cash”. “Persons involved in this activity from the very beginning understood its unlawful nature and criminal responsibility for their actions,” said Victor Kononenko.

The project implementation envisaged setting up in the electoral districts the so-called “pyramid”: sector head - supervisor of the polling station - “two dozens” - “a dozen”, who should have provided the required number of votes for a particular candidate. The SBU found that this network has been coordinated by one of the acting MPs of Ukraine.

Heads of the so-called “field HQ”, including citizens of Russia, Ukraine, and foreigners worked for a long time in Russia organising the election campaigns for pro-governmental candidates and parties.  “The funds for installation of this pyramid and the reports about its creation had been provided before the official launch of the Presidential Elections campaign,” noted the SBU Deputy Head.

Setting up of the “pyramid” has continued even after the official launch of the election campaign in January 2019. For this purpose, the organisers were receiving new tranches of cash, in foreign currency, converting the sums into hryvnia and distributing locally. “The salary of so-called “supervisor of polling station”, shortened in Ukrainian to “SVD” and of members of the “dozens", was increasing in proportion to the time left till the elections,” stressed Viktor Kononenko. The funding for the network was clearly calculated, region-wise, according to the number of voters, the size of voting districts and the number of polling station commissions.

The case also includes a statement by a Ukrainian MP, who was approached by the criminals.

Currently the SBU jointly with the Prosecutor General's Office and the State Bureau of Investigations conducts dozens of searches an the places of group members.

“The SBU will continue implementing all measures stipulated by current legislation to ensure democratic elections and free voting of the citizens, by blocking any attempts of the aggressor state to intervene in the internal affairs of our country,” underlined the SBU Deputy Head. He also appealed to Ukrainian citizens to stay calm, steering clear from selling their vote or provoking others to do so.


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