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SBU prevents large-scale cyber-attack on CEC

Specialists of the SBU DKIB Situational Center for Cybersecurity in cooperation with the staff of Central Election Commission have thwarted a large-scale cyber-attack on computer equipment vital for sustainable operation of the official CEC website.

According to experts' conclusions, the cyber-attack was aimed at blocking users’ access to information about the preparation for the next Presidential Elections in Ukraine.

SBU specialists found that the attackers used the “http flood” method, generating constant http requests to complicate the work of the IT system and block the access of standard users. For the cyber-attack the intruders used an extensive network of sites based on old version of the WordPress platform, which allowed the hackers to use them for generation of bulk queries, without the owners' knowledge.

In order to localize the cyber-attack and eliminate its negative consequences, the specialists have taken a number of practical measures, stopping the negative impact on the work of the CEC web resource.

The SBU officers are checking the possible involvement of the Russia’s intelligence services and their hacker groups in the organization of the cyber-attack.

SBU, within its area of responsibility, constantly implements a comprehensive set of measures aimed at protecting vital interests of the society and state from the unlawful cybernetic and informational influence of the Russian special services.


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