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Inter-university conference on modern philology for the first time takes place in the SBU Academy

The Academy of Security Service of Ukraine first held an inter-university conference on the theory and practice in modern philology.

The forum was attended by Maurice Greipon, adviser on state security issues of the European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM), linguistic experts and young scientists from 17 leading higher education establishments of our country.

During the opening ceremony, the rector of the SBU Academy, Serhii Kudinov, emphasized that knowledge of native and foreign languages ​​contributes to the knowledge of the world and its comprehensive development. "Diversity of languages ​​is the most valuable world, European and national heritage, which reflects the philosophy of intercultural interaction. The foreign language communicative competence, both operational and legal, forms the basis for professionalism of a future special service official", - said Serhii Kudinov.

The scientific and practical event was focused on the actual problems of general theoretical linguistics and translation issues. Representatives of specialized educational establishments shared their own experience and methods in teaching foreign languages, and also considered features of reproduction of cultural-linguistic heritage.

In his speech Maurice Greipon confirmed the exceptional importance of language in studying of intercultural communication. "Mother tongue is a unique common property of the people, which as if a living organism needs protection and development opportunities. And at the same time, learning of a foreign language is a bridge that unites the worlds. "

During the work of the six sections of the forum, special attention was devoted to media texts as an instrument for shaping public opinion, communicative strategies and foreign experience in training specialists in the field of security and defense.

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