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SBU hosts international training on cyber-security for CEC systems

Kyiv has recently welcomed, in several locations located on different cyber-security facilities, an international cyber training, organized to gain the latest European experience in the sphere of security of electoral processes in information and cybernetic space.

Training at the technical level takes place within the framework of the EU project ‘Enhancing cybersecurity in Ukraine before the elections’ with the support of the Estonian Center for Eastern Partnership and CybExer Technologies, which has extensive experience in conducting such trainings.

The cyber training involves, apart from European experts, also leading specialists from the SBU, the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection, the Central Election Commission, who for the first time will receive a unique experience of counteracting hackers in near-real conditions due to fully virtualized infrastructure.

Under the scenario of cyber training, all participants are divided into two teams: hackers and cyber security. The first group members, consisting of CybExer Technologies representatives, attacks the information resources of the ‘tentative CEC’. Other teams, formed by experts from the Security Service of Ukraine and the Central Election Commission, as well as the State Special Communication Service, are countering the attempts.

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