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Interference of Russian special agencies in election process in Ukraine has intensified, SBU says (video)

The Security Service of Ukraine in the course of protecting information security of the state, has noticed the intensified interference of Russia’s special agencies in election process in Ukraine - though social networks, aiming to influence voter attitudes of Ukrainian Internet users.

SBU experts established that since late 2018, the focus of information influence exerted by Russian “supervisors” has shifted towards mass circulation of biased information regarding impossibility of fair presidential vote in Ukraine, stirring up inter-confessional hatred against the background of the recent granting of the Tomos to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. In addition, Russian special agencies continue circulating propaganda materials with anti-state content.

Particularly, the SBU officers stopped the activity of an extensive network of anti-Ukrainian Internet propagandists (4 residents of Mykolaiv and 4 residents of Odessa). The propagandists spread materials with the separatist content in regional and national segments of the Internet, aiming to aggravate politico-social situation in the region before and during the Presidential elections in Ukraine.

Under the guidance of the Russian side, the perpetrators spread the materials bearing signs of calls for changing the state borders of Ukraine, through anti-Ukrainian communities of the social network “Vkontakte”, on the sites “News-Front Novorossia South-Eastern Front”, “Novorossia Republic Antimaidan”.  The Internet users received payment for their “work” via “Webmoney” and “Golden Crown” money transfer systems which are included in the sanctions lists and are banned in Ukraine.

The SBU appeals once again to Ukrainian users of social networks to be vigilant. In the case of receiving from unknown persons the proposals to distribute anti-Ukrainian content, immediately inform the SBU Hotline.

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