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SBU blocks Russia-organised international channel of illegal arms supply to countries under sanctions

SBU Counter-intelligence Department in cooperation with the SBU Main Investigative Department blocked the organized by Russia international channel of arms supply to countries are subject to United Nations sanctions.

SBU operatives seized a weapons arsenal within the framework of criminal proceedings initiated under Part 2 Article 201 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine due to the fact of finding on the territory of Ukraine the illegal storage of 36 missiles 5V27D for C-125 “Pechora” air defence system owned by OJSC “Rosoboronexport”.

During authorized investigations, the law enforcers also seized in one of the seaports RPG-7, RPG-18 and RPG-22 grenade launchers, TM-62M anti-tank mines, MON-100 anti-personnel mines and TNT blocks with a total weight over 200 kg. They also discovered grenades for RPG-7, propelling powder packs for PG-7PM, boxes containing electric fuzes and MVCH-62 detonating fuzes.

Importantly, the military cargo of OJSC “Rosoboronexport”  was stored by its packaging and approximate weight, rather than by the name and actual products.

According to available data, Russia used Ukrainian ports as a transit “base” for supplying weapons to third countries. With the onset of Russian aggression, this arsenal could have been used by Russia's secret services to create so-called “implants” of weapons in the south of Ukraine to destabilize the situation in the region with the assistance of subversive groups controlled by Russia.

Based on the SBU materials, the investigative actions on establishing of all circumstances of the committed offence and bringing to responsibility of people involved in the illegal activity are under way.

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