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SBU together with foreign colleagues blocks powerful transnational channel of heroin trafficking to Europe (video)

Officers of the SBU Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime jointly with the law enforcement agencies of Romania and Germany conducted a special multi-stage operation with the aim to expose and liquidate a powerful international channel of heroin smuggling into the European Union.

Within the framework of international cooperation, SBU employees received information about the heroin smuggling channel to European countries through the territory of Ukraine.

SBU operatives established that one of the active members of the group plans to move to Europe a large shipment of heroin from “transit bases” equipped near the border. Law enforcers arrested a drug trafficker in Transcarpathia, just before his departure to 

the EU. Today, during authorized searches at places of temporary storage of drugs, law enforcement officers over 120 kg of heroin. The cost of seized “goods” on the black market reaches EUR 10,000,000.

This special operation became yet another stage of fighting the transnational drug trafficking organized by the natives of one of the South-West Asia countries. Earlier, after a successful raid of colleagues from Romania’s Anti-Drugs Service and Germany’s Criminal Customs Service and the Federal Criminal Office in Germany, where they seized over 80 kg of heroin, Ukrainian law enforcers stopped transit through Ukraine of another 30 kg of heavy drugs.

The Security Service of Ukraine is the only national body authorised to counter international drug trafficking and drug smuggling. Special units of the SBU on combating corruption and organized crime will continue to consistently implement measures aimed at strengthening the European security system and preventing the involvement of Ukrainian citizens in criminal activity.

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