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Round table to celebrate 25th anniversary of SBU Sectoral State Archive creation

In Kyiv was held a round table discussion ‘The SBU Sectoral State Archive is 25 Years Old: Achievements and Prospects". The event, which was held at the Ukrinform news agency, was attended by representatives of leading state archives and museums, higher education institutions, academics, experts and public figures.

The participants of the round table discussed the main results of the SBU Sectoral State Archive during the period of its functioning, as well as the tasks and challenges existing for the departmental archive today.

Analysing the state and prospects for the development of archival affairs, the Sectoral State Archive Director Andrii Kohut noted that according to the Institute for Informational Freedom Development in 2018, the SBU Archive took first place in the overall assessment of access to KGB archives among the post-Soviet countries. Ukraine was recognized as the country with the best conditions for access to and work with funds of ‘ChK-GPU-NKVD-KGB’.

“We did not come to that in a day. The declassification of KGB archives was repeatedly interrupted by attempts to close access to these documents. The long process of discussion, drafting legislation and the adoption of a special Law of Ukraine "On access to archives of repressive bodies of the communist totalitarian regime of 1917-1991" eventually had effect. Today, the SBU Archive has become a kind of "mecca" for researchers from all over the world. Already appeared books, which will reveal all the fullness of the history of XX century of Ukraine as well as of the world ", - said Andrii Kohut.

Among other significant achievements of the SBU Sectoral State Archive  was also noted the issue of over 80 publications of archival documents and the issue together with the editorial board "Rehabilitated by the history" of 48 issues of the journal "From the archives of the VUChK-GPU-NKVD-KGB".


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