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SBU continues preventive work to counter spread of new psychoactive substances

The SBU Press Centre hosted a presentation of information brochure "What do you need to know about New Psychoactive Substances (NPS)?" The booklet was developed by experts from the Security Service, the National Police, the Centre for Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Monitoring of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine with the support of the “EU-ACT: EU Action against Drugs and Organised Crime in the Drug Trafficking Sphere” along the ‘heroin route’”.

As organizers of event have emphasized, today the spread of NDP is a serious problem - not only in Ukraine, but also in many countries of the European Union. Therefore, with regard to scale and pace of spreading of this destructive phenomenon, as well as overseas experience, domestic law enforcement agencies must consolidate their counteraction efforts with medical and social services.

Taking into account foreign experience, the Centre for Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Monitoring of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine will become a national focal point for the prevention, early detection and counteraction of new drugs distribution in our country. Participants of the event also emphasized the importance of both 

legislative regulation and the development of inter-agency cooperation and information exchange between law enforcement agencies, medical institutions and educational institutions.

In addition, for the construction of effective legal mechanisms for the prompt detection and control of the circulation of new psychoactive substances, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine together with the SBU and the Department for Combating Drug Crimes of the National Police developed a standard regulation in which the NPS are identified as analogues of narcotic and psychotropic substances of Ukraine.

At the end of the meeting, foreign partners indicated that they were ready to continue to assist the implementation of best practices for the organization of inter-agency cooperation, in particular on the example of Spanish colleagues, as well as to provide methodological and logistical support to expert departments.


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