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Employees of the SBU Academy win twelve medals at the Second European Games-2019

At the Second European Games in Minsk, Ukrainian team got 51 medals and made it top three in the final team medal count. The best sportsmen of our country got 16 gold, 17 silver and 18 bronze medals.

Significant contribution to Ukrainian coin box was made by the employees of the National Academy of the SBU - competitive athletes. Seventeen representatives of the Academy joined Ukrainian national team at the Second European Games and got 12 medals in individual and team count.

Gold medals of Ukraine won:

Daria Bilodid - Judo, up to 48 kg;

Georgii Zantaraia - judo, up to 66 kg;

Ganna Solove - cycling, track, 25 km;

Yuliia Tkach - freestyle wrestling, up to 62 kg;

Yevhen Hutsol in Ukrainian national team, athletics, mixed medley relay;

Ukrainian national team of athletics - Andriy Protsenko, Hanna Hatsko-Fedusova, Bohdan Bondarenko, Natalia Pryschepa and Yevhen Hutsol - team classification.

The silver medal for freestyle wrestling in the weight category up to 53 kg was won by the champion of Europe-2011, the bronze medallist of the World Cup-2008 Yulia Khavaldzhy.

Bronze medals at European games won:

Bohdan Bondarenko - athletics; high jumping;

Oleksandr Hotsianivskyi - wrestling, up to 125 kg;

Olena Kostevych with Pavlo Korostylov - shooting rifle and pistol, mixed teams, 25 m.

Two "bronzes" in artistic gymnastics won an employee of the Academy Diana Varinska - in individual all-round competition and beam exercises.

The SBU team sincerely congratulates our winners with high results, which glorify Ukraine throughout the world!


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