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SBU records Russian special services attempts of recruiting Ukrainian servicemen through the social networks (video)

SBU Military CI Department records numerous attempts to recruit Ukrainian servicemen through representatives of Russian special services and so-called “MGB D/LNR” by means of establishing personal contacts in social networks under the guise of females.

In particular, officers of the special service exposed the recruitment approach of Russia’s FSB to the Armed Forces of Ukraine head of unit, which is serving in the Joint Forces Operation area.

It is established that through one of the social networks controlled by the Russian special services, the person set up and maintained contacts with Ukrainian serviceman. During the development of allegedly personal relationships, the woman learned about his service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Then she tried to get information of military and socio-political nature from the officer.

During the correspondence, she proposed to Ukrainian serviceman collect information in the interests of the FSB for monetary reward, especially emphasizing the "material benefits of cooperation with the Russian special services." The woman stressed that in the case of providing foreign representatives with important data, the serviceman will be ensured with access to Russia with the possibility of obtaining housing.

After receiving the "offer", the serviceman addressed to Ukrainian special service officials and provided detailed testimony regarding the circumstances of his recruitment.

SBU appeals once again to Ukrainian users of social networks to be vigilant. In case of receiving recruiting offers from foreign special services, we strongly recommend to contact the bodies of the Security Service of Ukraine.

We emphasise that in accordance with Part 2 Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine citizens of Ukraine are released from criminal liability if they did not commit any acts requested by a foreign state, foreign organization or their representatives and voluntarily reported on links with them and the received task.”


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