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SBU counter-intelligence uncovers abuse of rights of Ukrainian citizens by Russian special services

Russian special services carry out illegal arrests of Ukrainians crossing the administrative border of temporarily occupied territory of the Crimean Autonomy. After the arrest they use threatening and blackmail pressuring Ukrainians for confidential cooperation, that is, performing intelligence tasks to the damage of the state security of Ukraine.

For instance, Russia’s FSB officers detained Lviv region citizen at the “Dzhankoi” checkpoint, giving no explanation. Using physical and psychological pressure for four hours, FSB’s officers demanded information about links between law enforcers and the military, their deployment sites, etc.

After the Ukrainian citizen refused to cooperate with Russian special service, FSB boys used physical threats to force him to sign a paper with unknown content. Only after signing the man was returned to the Ukraine-controlled territory. FSB’s officers took away his car, car documents and EUR 2,000.

Security Service of Ukraine warns that a wide range of Ukrainians remains in the risk zone, being in the crosshairs of Russian special services. This includes military officers, law enforcers, ATO (JFO) veterans, representatives of patriotic organisations, ordinary Ukrainian citizens going to Russia or temporarily occupied territories to work, travel or to visit relatives etc.

In accordance with the provisions of the Part 2 Article 111 (“High treason”) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, a citizen of Ukraine shall be discharged from criminal liability where, he has not committed any acts requested by a foreign state, a foreign organization or their representatives and voluntarily reported his ties with them and the task given to government authorities, SBU reminds.

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