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SBU unveils network of anti-Ukrainian Internet propagandists (video)

SBU officers stopped the activity of Internet agitator in Dnipro region who popularised anti-Ukrainian agitprop via Russian social networks.

While monitoring the branched network of Internet agitators coordinated by Russian supervisors, SBU officers established that a citizen of Ternivka city in Dnipro region used one of social networks to distribute information with calls to encroach territorial integrity of Ukraine.

For promised money reward the criminal, executing Russian supervisors’ tasks, set up fake accounts and was spreading misinformation concerning situation in the Joint Forces ​​Operation area and about actions of Ukrainian government.

Criminal proceeding is initiated under Article 110 (“Encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine”) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

SBU operatives unveiled similar facts of destructive informational and psychological influence on Ukrainian citizens via social networks in Odesa, Sumy, Luhansk regions.

Analysis of the obtained data shows that the involvement of Ukrainian citizens to special informational actions allows to create the illusion of reality due to use of real personal accounts and the adaptation of anti-Ukrainian materials for particular region by a local.

The detected measures of destructive informational influence in most cases are carried out in conjunction with fake publications in Russia-controlled media or statements of so-called leaders of public opinion who “distort” true facts.


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