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Ivan Bakanov: truth about past of Ukrainian people is matter of state security

The National Museum of Ukrainian History presented an exhibition “Ukraine. Unfinished war...” to the 80th anniversary of WWII and the 75th anniversary of ousting the Nazis from Ukraine.  During the event the SBU Sectoral State Archive demonstrated corresponding declassified materials.

Within the framework of the joint project, the documents of the special services were both on the exhibition stands and in multimedia installations. There was a unique showpiece - the original military map of “Zahid” operation (deportation of civilians from the West regions of Ukraine) that started on October 21, 1947. The aim of the operation was to take repressive action against families whose members took part in or supported Ukrainian liberation movement.

“Cooperation between the SBU and the National Museum of Ukrainian History in the matters of the World War II helps us to publish the most impressive archival evidence about Ukrainians who resisted totalitarian regimes and fought for freedom and independence,” Ivan Bakanov stated while visiting the exhibition.

An exhibition of the “Zahid” operation map is a unique experience, as declassified maps of the soviet special services stored by the the SBU Sectoral State Archive have never been put on public display.

In order to establish the social justice and to improve the citizens’ access to complicated pages from the past, the Security Service of Ukraine will continue humanitarian cooperation with the interested bodies.                                                                               

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