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SBU exposes organised group of extortioners pretending to be law enforcers

SBU operatives uncovered and blocked an organised group specialising in money extortion from the local representatives of commercial entities, pretending to be the chiefs of SBU departments in Dnipro city.

SBU Internal Security Directorate officers established that the group members, while pretending to be SBU officers, Police investigators and “criminal bosses”, committed a robbery demanding USD 300,000 from an entrepreneur.  In case of non-payment, the racketeers threatened the man and his relatives with violence and physical harassment. 

Moreover, group members coerced the entrepreneur to sign legal documents to seize his business.

SBU operatives documented the criminals receiving USD 100,000.

Law enforcers detained a group member under Article 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine in shopping mall on receiving the next “tranche”.

The detainee was served a notice of suspicion in committing a crime; the issue about choosing a measure of restraint is being settled. The investigative actions on bringing other group members to the criminal responsibility are under way within the framework of the criminal proceeding initiated under Part 187 (“Robbery”) and Article 189 (“Extortion”) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The operation was conducted jointly with the Police investigators in Dnipro region under the procedural supervision of Second Department of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

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