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SBU hits transnational drug cartel “Khimprom”, again

Officers of the SBU Main Department for Fighting Corruption and Organised Crime under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor General's Office detained one of the active gangsters of the transnational drug cartel “Khimprom”, giving another “punch” to the criminal group.

The law enforcement detained the suspect at the Kalanchak checkpoint at the administrative boundary with temporarily occupied Crimea. The suspects was attempting to escape to the peninsula to avoid investigation. As was previously established, the detainee intimidated witnesses of the cartel’s illegal activity, in particular, by setting fire to their apartments and using grenade launchers to shoot at their private residences.

According to the SBU materials, the criminals planned to bring the suspect back to “activity” in the interests of drug cartel after the “quarantine”.

The gangster was served a notice of suspicion in committing a crime stipulated by Art. 255 (“Creation of a criminal organisation”) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The materials were sent to court to choose the conditions of detainment.

To remind, in the framework of fighting transnational organised crime the SBU employees arrested 28 active members of the drug cartel “Khimprom” during the special operations in May and June this year. During the investigation the SBU agents seized almost USD 10,000,000, weapons, narcotic substances, revealed and blocked the activity of clandestine drug lab with capacity of over 200 kilos of drugs per month.

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