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SBU CI detects attempt to recruit foreigner by representatives of so-called “MGB DNR”

SBU counter-intelligence officers unveiled the fact of recruitment of a citizen of one of the East Asia countries by representatives of so-called “LNR ministry of state security”, acting under control of Russia’s special services.

Operatives of the special service established that the graduate of Luhansk University periodically visited temporarily occupied territory in private business. During the last visit when crossing the contact line through “Stanytsia Luhanska" checkpoint the foreigner was detained by the representatives of militants’ "special service". Handcuffed with a bag on his head they took him to the basement, equipped in prison cells.

Three days a foreigner was detained in prison, without bringing any charges. Later, under the pressure of physical violence threats the militants forced a foreign citizen to agree to confidential cooperation. He had to collect information for them about other residents of the Middle East, which stay or visit ORDLO (separatist-held territories) or have a business in the territory under Ukrainian government control.

After returning of a foreigner from the so-called “LNR" officers of Ukrainian counter-intelligence exposed the fact of his recruitment by "special service" of militants. The man gave to law-enforcement officers detailed testimony about the circumstances of his staying in prisons of "MGB" and recruitment by terrorists. 

Since 2019 the SBU counter-intelligence officers detected in Luhansk region several people from the Middle East, recruited by the so-called "MGB LNR" for collection of information in Ukraine about their compatriots.

The Security Service of Ukraine stressed that performing of pro-Russian terrorists “special services” tasks by foreigners can lead to criminal liability under Art. 114 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (Espionage), the sanction of which envisages imprisonment for a term of 8 to 15 years. The person who stopped the illegal activity and voluntarily reported to state authorities about committed is released from liability if as a result of this and the measures taken damaging the interests of Ukraine was prevented.


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