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SBU CI: FSB prosecutes citizens of occupied Crimea because of their pro-Ukrainian position

SBU counter-intelligence established that Russia’s FSB officers force citizens of temporarily occupied Crimean Autonomy to the confidential cooperation. Their main task is to gather information about pro-Ukrainian citizens of peninsula.

The prime target are the workers engaged in Internet services. They are pressured into confidential and illegal collection of personal data, social media contents and other private information of users.  This data is then used by Russian special services to haunt local citizens disloyal to Russian occupational authority and policy.

The forms and methods of Russia’s FSB concerning Crimean population are identical to those applied to Ukrainians who visit temporarily occupied UA territories. These include blackmail, threatening, intimidation, physical and moral coercion and framing of compromising situations.

The counter-intelligence officers also established active involvement into this illegal activity of Dmytro Volodymyrovych Karelin, now Russia’s FSB representative, a former officer of the SBU Main Directorate in the AR Crimea who violated an oath and joined the enemy’s side. 

SBU warns that joining the enemy at the time of martial law or armed conflict, espionage, assistance in subversive activities against Ukraine provided to a foreign state, a foreign organisation or their representatives shall be punishable by imprisonment for a term of 10 to 15 years. 

A citizen of Ukraine shall be discharged from criminal liability where, he has not committed any acts requested by the enemy special services and voluntarily reported his ties with them and the task given to government authorities.


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