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Bukovina: Corruption scheme for customs clearance of derelict overseas-registered cars causes losses of over $120,000

SBU Office in Chernivtsi region blocked a large-scale framework for illegal registration of cars with foreign number-plates, which caused multi-million losses to the State Budget.

An official of “Vadul Siret” customs post together with an accomplice have set up an illegal scheme for legalization of foreign cars that have been in our country in the “temporary import” mode. To do so, they entered to the databases the inaccurate information about the vehicles leaving the country, without the cars actually crossing the border.

The fraud allowed the drivers to avoid a USD 6,800 penalty for the illegal use of overseas-registered cars.

For the service, the drivers of overseas-registered cars had to fork out between EUR 500 and 1,000. To get the money, the offenders used as intermediaries their relatives and friends, including former officers of law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

The criminals illegally certified about 30 cars per month, causing the losses of over USD 120,000. The law enforcement is establishing the amount of other possible budget losses caused by illegal activities.

The issue of serving a notice of suspicion in committing a crime to both offenders and choosing a measure of restraint is now being settled.

Investigative actions are ongoing to find other persons engaged in the crime, within the framework of open criminal proceedings under part 3 of Art. 368 (“Taking a bribe by an official”) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The operation was conducted jointly with the DBR under procedural guidance of Prosecutor General's Office in Chernivtsi region.

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