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SBU CI Department detects attempt of Russia’s special services to recruit Ukrainian national(video)

SBU CI Department officials established that a resident of one of the border settlements of Chernihiv region during the visit of relatives in Russia came to the attention of the FSB.

Representatives of the special service of the country-aggressor, using threats and blackmail engaged our national in silent cooperation. They forced a man to sign a written commitment to cooperate with Russia’s FSB. He was given the nickname and worked out the task of gathering information on the regime of protection and personnel of military facilities in the region. According to the provided instructions he had to transfer the collected intelligence during subsequent visits to Russia.

Being aware of the illegality of this cooperation and its negative effects on returning home, Ukrainian appealed to the Security Service of Ukraine. He gave evidence about the circumstances of recruitment and his intelligence tasks.

Taking into account that a man did not execute a criminal task of foreign special service and voluntarily reported law-enforcement agencies on attempts of Russia’s special services to engage him in confidential cooperation against Ukraine, the court granted the motion of the prosecution authorities and released him from criminal responsibility under Part 2, Art. 111 (High Treason) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The SBU CI Department once again warns that a wide range of our nationals - from government officials and servicemen, representatives of the law-enforcement agencies, members of ATO (OJF), national-patriotic organizations to ordinary citizens of Ukraine travelling to Russia or temporarily occupied territories for employment, tourism, visiting relatives and others are in the zone of risk and increased attention of Russia’s special services.

Each citizen of Ukraine should clearly realize his vulnerability before Russian repressive machine that uses criminal methods for recruitment of our citizens. At that the CI Department recalls that the voluntary report about attempts to engage by foreign special services of Ukrainian nationals in confidential cooperation releases from criminal liability.

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