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Mykolayiv region: officials appropriated 25% of funds for roads repair

SBU exposed the officials of the Road Service of Mykolayiv region and regional Oblavtodor company on appropriation of almost UAH 3,000,000 (USD 120,000) allocated for repair of the public roads.

Operatives and investigators established that during this year the officials signed treaties with private companies to the amount of  UAH 12,000,000 (USD 480,000). The officials intentionally confirmed fake numbers of equipment and personnel engaged at the objects.  Due to this fact, the suspects appropriated almost UAH 3,000,000 (USD 120,000)  of state funds.

Law enforcement seized the documents which prove the committed crime during the investigative actions in offices of the Road Service of Mykolayiv region, regional Oblavtodor, the involved private company and residences of the suspects.

Investigative actions are ongoing to bring to justice persons involved in crime.  

The operation was conducted jointly with the officials and investigators of the National Police under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor's Office of Mykolaiv region.

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