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SBU records the activization of Russian special services for creation in Ukraine of so-called “guided chaos” — Viktor Kononenko (video)

Russia’s FSB asset is convicted to 12 years imprisonment. SBU CI exposed the asset in summer this year in Poltava region.

SBU established that a former officer of Interior Ministry was recruited for money on the territory of temporarily annexed Crimea in 2014.  He was recruited by former SBU officers Mykola Putintsev and Kyryl Simagin, who broke the oath and switched sides, currently serving at Russia’s FSB Department in Crimea and Sevastopol City.

For money, the asset, named “Dimentiy” by Russian supervisors, was collecting intelligence on military facilities, on social, political and economic situation in Poltava region and generally in Ukraine during 2014-2019. The criminal sent the collected intelligence via established telecommunication channels and during his visits to the temporarily annexed Crimea and Russia. SBU CI officers detained the asset on July 18 this year in Kremenchuk City, Poltava region.

The court found the asset guilty of high treason. The criminal is currently serving his sentence. The criminal pleaded guilty of high treason during the trial.

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