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“Thanks for remembering”: Kremenchuk commemoration concert dedicated to deceased Heroes

Kremenchuk is the 28th city to welcome the art exhibition “Invisible Guard” and a performance requiem “War without a Term” dedicated to perished SBU servicemen.

The performance was attended by a Mayor of Kremenchuk city, top command of the Regional SBU Office, officers of the Special Operation Centre “Alfa”, servicemen, students, activists and city residents.

The Rector of the SBU Academy Serhii Kudinov emphasized that the SBU is one of the first law enforcement bodies which had lost officers in that war. On 13 April 2014, captain Henadii Bilihenko, the officer of the Regional Special Operation Centre “Alfa” was killed during a combat mission. “In order to honour the memory of Bilichenko and killed servicemen, we continue to tell Ukrainians the truth about the war and fidelity of our warriors. This is not a standard performance and exhibition. Its’ purpose is to contemplate about the cost of peace, the courage and self-sacrifice of the real Ukrainian defenders,” noted Kudinov.

During the performance the audience got acquainted with the contribution of SBU officers towards consolidation of the national security, both in peacetime and in the military operations, with specifics and risks of their work, with patriotism and self-sacrifice. Audience also watched a video dedicated to the captain Bilichenko.   

Mayor of Kremenchuk city, top command of the Regional SBU Office and of the Special Operation Centre “Alfa” thanked the Academy for the event. “We are grateful that you remember and give to others such an opportunity to honour those, who were with us,” pointed out commander of the Regional Special Operation Centre “Alfa” Andrii Mahteev.

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