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Report: SBU uncovers group of extortionists terrorizing 5 Ukrainian regions

This year, operatives of the units for combating corruption and organized crime solved:

·        6 contract murders;

·        39 facts of extortion with use violence and weapons;

·        4 robberies;

·        3 facts of unlawful imprisonment and kidnapping;

·        2 facts of plundering;

24 criminals were sentenced to different terms of imprisonments.

For 34 foreigners, including 24 criminal lords,

Ukraine is forbidden.

7 criminals were forcedly excluded from the country.

In order to protect legal business and to counteract organized crime, the SBU blocked activity of criminal groups that were intimidating businessmen and representatives of state authorities in 5 regions.

In Odesa, law-enforcement officers stopped the activity of an organized group, blackmailing a head of local village council. Criminals threatened the official with a criminal proceeding. For resolving this issue, they extorted USD 100,000 in cash and demanded to provide for controlled commercial entities a land plot by the Black Sea at an estimated cost of USD 400,000.

Organizer and an active group member were served notices of suspicion in extortion.

Law enforcement uncovered another criminal group in this region. Businessmen from Odesa and Mykolaiv regions became the victims of criminals.

Another organized group was intimidating people in Zakarpattia region. The offenders provoked artificial conflicts to demand money from businessmen for non-existent debts.

Extortionists hid out as the workers of security company in Kremenchuk, Poltava region.  They forced representatives of local commercial structures to pay them “tribute” by means of intimidation and robbery.

Also, SBU exposed two criminal groups that kidnapped and tortured people in Mykolaiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

The criminal proceedings are initiated. The investigative actions are ongoing to identify other group members and conditions of unlawful activity.

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