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Communications as weapon: EUAM experts share their experience in strategic communications with cadets of SBU Academy

Mark Wadats, a former Chief of Communications Department of Security Service of Sweden, and Bo Renner, a Senior Domestic Security Strategic Adviser at EUAM in Ukraine, came out with the aim, meaning and influence of communications in security sector.

During interactive discussion with cadets, the foreign experts emphasized the importance of building of external and internal trust in a special service since owing to successful communications we can win Ukrainians’ hearts and minds and foreign colleagues’ sympathy.

“If SBU does not communicate with society, someone else will. You need secure support of civilian population to fight against common enemy,”- Mark Wadats underlines.

The youth shared their view on interaction between the institution and society, in response to experts’ questions about self-determination and functions of the Service: “We want the Service to enhance the credibility among Ukrainians in order to deliver the idea that our aim is to protect society.”

The representatives of the Mission recommended the cadets to be united, encourage business culture and have clear understanding of their role and motivation in the SBU.

The rectorate of the Academy expressed gratitude to the partners for their contribution to ideology formation of young generation of the Ukrainian special service.

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