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Case on misappropriation of Kyiv-based intangible property worth over UAH 18 mln is submitted to court

The pretrial investigation for misappropriation of Kyiv-based intangible property worth over UAH 18 mln by the organised group is finished.

The organised group included a resident of temporarily uncontrolled territory of Donetsk region who has been living in Kyiv for a long period of time, several state registrars, notary officers and Kyiv residents.

The criminals alienated property title by adding false information to the state data bases, by concluding fictitious deals and warrants for proxy persons, including residents of temporarily occupied Donetsk. Illegally alienated property was resold and money were divided between the offenders.

In the result of the fraud the criminals acquired Kyiv-based intangible property, including state and communal facilities, shopping and offices premises, apartments.

In fall of 2018, law enforcement officers detained organisers of the illegal scheme in Kyiv. During the searches of the criminals’ residences officers found forged seals, warrants forms, contracts, supporting documentation, Ukrainian passports, money received from the frauds and firearms. A custody was chosen as a type of detention for organiser and one of the principal offenders.

The criminals were charged with fraud, unlawful handling of weapons, forgery of documents, stamps, seals or letterheads, and sale or use of forged documents and abuse of authority by individuals who provide public services.

According to the SBU investigation Kyiv Local Prosecutor’s Office No.7 submitted to the court the indictments relating five members of the group.

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Zhydkov Dmytro Mykhailovych
Shevchenko Daniil Borysovych
Yatsenko Viktor Viacheslavovych

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