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SBU detects smuggling of Japanese artefacts amounting to USD 300,000 in Ukraine

SBU detected the smuggling of historical and cultural values from the Eastern Asia. The cost of hidden from customs control things comprises USD 300 thousand.

Three containers with goods from Japan arrived at the “Skhidnyi" post of Kyiv City Customs. The customer of a cargo is a foreigner who has been living in Ukraine for a long time. He declared the alleged importation of household goods and sports equipment. During the inspection of cargo, the law-enforcement officers discovered that some things weren’t meet the declared in the customs declaration.

Experts confirmed that antique interior items in the Oriental style were in the containers. In particular - antique cold gun, household items, furniture. Some of the exhibits are from XVIII-XIX century and are highly valued among collectors.

Now all detected items are seized and submitted for further examination.

The investigators initiated criminal proceeding under the smuggling of cultural values.

The operation to detect the smuggling of antiques was carried out by special-purpose unit on combating corruption and organized crime of the SBU Main Department in Kyiv city and Kyiv region together with the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (SFS) with the assistance of management on combating customs offences and international cooperation of the SFS Kyiv City Customs.

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