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SBU CI Department makes annual report - prevented terrorist acts, sentenced traitors and fight corruption in defence sphere

Due to the SBU CI Department effective activities last year 90 persons were sentenced to different terms and types of punishment, in particular 24 - for high treason, 35 - for terrorist activities. These are the results of the Counter-Intelligence Department for 2019.

So, former MI official from Poltava region, who passed to Russia’s FSB information on military facilities, lists of mobilization reserve and data on volunteers of the region was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment.

And exposed by the SBU official of Ukrainian Defence Industry “UkrOboronProm" who collected information on modernization and military characteristics of domestic military aircraft, got 9 years of imprisonment.

In general, this year 239 criminal proceedings for crimes against national and public security were initiated under the SBU CI Department materials. Among them: - high treason (Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) -57; espionage (Art. 114 CCU) – 7; - trespass against territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine (Art. 110 CCU) – 4; - terrorist and sabotage activities (Art.Art. 113, 258, 258-3, 258-5, 260, 263 CCU) – 54.

Also it managed to prevent terrorist acts in different cities of Ukraine. For example, a subversive, who by the order of so-called MGB LNR prepared blowing up of railway lines in Kharkiv region was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment. 

A former police captain from Zaporizzhya, who planned to blow up a high-rise apartment building and the railway crossing, got 8 years of imprisonment.

A terrorist, who by the order of FSB planned explosion at Kharkivvodokanal will also spent 5 years in prison. 

The investigation is ongoing under other exposed agents of Russia and quasi-republics special services. SBU continues also to expose spies working under the guise of diplomatic missions - 6 persons in Ukraine became persona non grata. Thus, in Lviv region was exposed Russian senior consul, collecting information about the Armed Forces and preparing representatives of national minorities for actions to discredit Ukraine in the international arena.

An important direction of the counter-intelligence - is the protection of military, economic and defence potential. Over the past year within the counter-intelligence provision of military and technical cooperation and export control 51 criminal proceedings were initiated, 22 persons were convicted for violation the rules of international transfers. Illegal export of military and dual-use goods amounting to UAH 50 million was prevented.

Recently SBU has blocked an attempt of illegal export from Ukraine to the EU of engines used for military armoured vehicles in the inventory of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Service also prevented smuggling of components for military aircraft abroad, particularly to Russia.

Besides SBU found and blocked corruption abuses in military-technical cooperation sphere totaling over USD 110 million. Due to the CI Department activities embezzlement of almost UAH 750 million in due course of state defence order execution was prevented.

In 2019 SBU initiated 32 checks of entrepreneurs, who violated legislation in this sphere.   As a result - the budget got over UAH 7 million of punitive sanctions.

It should be recalled that December 27 is the Day of the SBU Counter-intelligence. More details about activities of the SBU CI you may find in the section Counter-Intelligence Activity.


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