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On-line course on the work with KGB archives “Declassified” is presented in Kyiv

The experts at the presentation of a special training course told the right way to use archive materials, to what extent can we believe to "KGB documents" and exactly what kind of information can we obtain from them. The presentation took place in Maidan Museum Information Center on December 26.

Documents of the SBU State Sectoral Archive became the basis for the on-line course “Declassified" and the record of educational materials was held in Archive depositary. The course on the work with the KGB archives, prepared by the Liberation Movement Research Center jointly with on-line education studio EdEra with funding from the International Fund "Renaissance".

All educational course materials are free of charge. To access them and undergo training tests, it’s necessary to register on the platform of on-line education studio EdEra.

“Our archive programs help to historians and students better to deal with the algorithms of archive search. But we wanted to make the KGB archives interesting not only for them. For example, we show to journalists how many untold suspenseful stories there. Format of educational on-line course helps to deliver information much faster and easier. Our partners EdEra in it’s turn made it so that educational videos look no less interesting than Netflix series"- said Anna Oliinyk, coordinator of the project and director of Center for Research liberation movement.

Today the largest array of documents of communist special services is kept in the SBU Sectoral State Archive, which comes first in the rating of access to the archives of other post-communist countries.

So, the Director of Archive Andriy Kohut welcomes the establishment of this on-line course. "Journalists often come and ask to show something interesting, but all our materials are interesting! This course will also help us - I hope that now journalists and researchers will come to us more prepared, "- he added.

Experts also described the content and technical features of the course: how did they chose the most important information for holding it in short videos; how did they work on educational tests, checked facts from archive records to visualize and solve ethical problems in games about agents.

Generally, the course was presented by:

● Volodymyr Birchak - main expert of on-line course and author of educational materials, academic programs manager of Liberation Movement Research Center;

● Yulia Lysenko - Manager of course, on-line education studio EdEra;

● Andriy Kohut - Director of the SBU Sectoral State Archive;

● Anatoliy Khromov - Head of the State Archive Service of Ukraine;

● Stanislav Lyachynskyi - Director of “Social Capital" International Fund “Renaissance";

● Eduard Andriushchenko - journalist, author of several dozens of materials based on documents from the archives of the KGB, author of telegram channel «KGBfiles», project participant of Liberation Movement Research Center “Deconstruction”. KGB archives for Media "(2018).

Video of the presentation You can find here: https://youtu.be/wN0XGuYG-rI

We remind that on April 8, 2015 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine voted for “Decommunization package" of laws. One of them opens access to the archives of communist special services in Ukraine. To work with documents you need only application and passport. For more information about how to begin the work with the KGB archives, read in the manual "KGB archives for the media."

Find over 25,000 digitalized archive documents, available for downloading in high quality, on the site of the archive of Ukrainian liberation movement.


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