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SBU blocks activity of a number of provocative Internet-resources created by the task of Russia’s special services

SBU within the initiated criminal proceedings served notice of suspicion to Russia’s national Sergei Zhuk, who by the order of Russian special services, set up number of provocative Internet-resources to destabilize the situation in our country.

Operatives and investigators of the special service found that Sergei Zhuk by the orders of curators registered on the Internet several pseudo-radical communities, including the "Ukrainian national - patriots", the “Varkhovna Rada of 9th convocation", "The truth about the ATO and the Maidan." There he posted provocative materials supposedly on behalf of patriotic forces.

SBU Cyber and Information Security Department experts made the case and confirmed the involvement of Russia’s special services in the usage of these resources as a mechanism for hybrid aggression against Ukraine. After an appeal of the SBU to administrations of several social networks functioning of anti-Ukrainian resources was terminated.

At present the national of Russia served in absentia a notice of suspicion of committing crimes provided for in Art. 109, Art. 110, Art. 258-3, Art. 437 and Art. 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The investigations to establish location of Sergei Zhuk and put him on a wanted list are under way.

Documentation of offender’s actions was carried out jointly with the Military Prosecutor of the Prosecutor General's Office.


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