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Statement of Iranian authorities confirms the SBU version that “UIA” plane was shot down by anti-aircraft missile system

Statement of Iranian government that military men of this country mistakenly shot down the "UIA" plane confirmed the first version of the investigation, which the SBU tended to.

Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov reported this. "We considered the human factor as the root cause of the crash - the work of anti-missile system in a manual other than automatic mode, as in the beginning, some experts said. Yesterday, during a meeting of the SBU special working group, we, having the necessary data, argued on two versions - the collision of the aircraft with a missile and a possible terrorist attack. Today the Iranian side confirmed the first version,"- said Ivan Bakanov.

Ivan Bakanov again offered condolences to the relatives of victims of the “UIA” plane crash.

It should be recalled that this morning Iran officially declared that Ukrainian passenger plane was shot down by the military men of this country.

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