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SBU blocks activities of over 400 illegal gas stations throughout Ukraine

In pursuance of the Order of the President of Ukraine, the SBU continues to check the legality of carrying out economic activity by filling stations throughout Ukraine. As a result of inspections since the beginning of this year 407 illegal gas stations has been detected and terminated in 9 regions.

Thus, special service operatives exposed 285 illegal gas stations in the capital region. The gas stations operated with gross violation of the safety rules and without the relevant permits. The sale of dubious quality fuel was conducted beyond tax legislation. This led to large-scale shortfall of funds by budgets of different levels, in particular due to non-payment of excise duty.

Under the similar scheme underground filling stations operated in Khmelnytskyi region. SBU officers found 38 illegal gas stations in the region. According to intelligence, the attackers sold up to 5 tons of counterfeit gasoline and 1 ton of diesel oil daily. In the course of investigative actions, law-enforcement officers seized property and equipment in the value of over UAH 1.5 million, documentation, seals and draft records proving illegal activity.

In the southern region, law-enforcement officers closed 52 illegal gas stations: 25 - in Odesa region, 19 - in Mykolaiv region, 8 - in Zaporizzhya region. Almost 300 tons of counterfeit fuel and lubricants amounting to UAH 6.5 million were seized.

In central Ukraine, the Service blocked illegal activities of 16 filling stations. At 7 illegal gas stations operating in the Kirovohrad region, law-enforcement officers found equipment and a counterfeit worth UAH 5 million. In Vinnytsia region - 9 illegal gas stations were found. More than 10.5 tonnes of liquefied gas and 30 tonnes of dubious origin diesel oil, equipment, rough ledger and computer equipment were seized.

Besides, in Vinnytsia city, law-enforcement officers blocked the operation of an uncertified oil depot, which was located near a residential area and could be a danger to local residents. Currently, counterfeit fuel has been seized and oil depot property has been arrested. In the area of the Joint Forces Operation, law-enforcement officers stopped activities of more 16 illegal gas stations. The processing facilities and counterfeit fuel worth UAH 5.5 million were seized. A number of criminal proceedings have been initiated under all facts of illegal operation of the gas stations. Exact amounts of state losses are being established. It should be recalled that at the end of a year in the framework of over 20 criminal proceedings the SBU stopped activities of almost 300 illegal gas stations in all regions of Ukraine.

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