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SBU detects embezzlement of state funds during reconstruction of bridge in Zhytomyr region

SBU detected embezzlement of the state budget funds allocated for the reconstruction and repair of the previously decommissioned bridge in the territory of the region by officials of the State Road Service of Zhytomyr region.

Special service operatives found that the bridge across the river Irsha in Khoroshivskyi district of Zhytomyr region was decommissioned due to the emergency condition and was closed to traffic in 2008. For its reconstruction the management of the State Road Service of Zhytomyr region has concluded a contract over UAH 5.8 million with Kyiv commercial structure. The works were carried out during 2016-17.

SBU officers, during the inspection of the construction facility, documented a discrepancy between the volume of completed contracting works, noted in the certificates, with the actually completed. A conscious overestimation of the number of used construction materials was also found.

Law enforcement officers documented that the contractor, by agreement with the deputy chief of the regional State Road Service and the engineer of one of the subordinate departments, entered false data in the completion certificates. The dealer, in particular, overestimated the cost of materials and the volume of construction works, and also entered in the list services, which were not provided at all. Officials who are responsible for checking the quality and volume of works performed signed the completion certificates.

Due to the deal of the persons involved in the criminal proceedings, the state budget suffered almost UAH 500.000 losses. According to the findings of experts, the bridge ruins and again needs additional state funding for reconstruction.

Currently deputy head of the State Road Service of Zhytomyr region has been served notice of suspicion of committing the crime stipulated by Part 2 Art. 367 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The engineer of the department of quality, technological control and the latest technologies of the regional State Road Service is charged with committing the crime under Part 5 Art. 27, Part 4 Art. 191 and Part 1 Art. 366 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Within the framework of the pre-trial investigation, measures are taken to bring to liability all participants of the deal with state funds.

The detection operation was conducted jointly with the National Police under the procedural supervision of the local Prosecutor's Office of Korostyshiv city.

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