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SBU Head and representatives of “Atlantic Council” of the United States discuss security issues

Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov met with the delegation of representatives of the "Atlantic Council" as a part of leading analysts of the USA and experts in foreign policy and security issues.

During the meeting, the Parties discussed the ways to strengthen bilateral relations and directions of mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries, in particular, in the context of countering hybrid threats from Russia.

The American side once again emphasized the firm support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity in its internationally recognised borders, the irreversible way of internal reforms, based on European and Euro-Atlantic values. According to U.S. representatives, strong and reformed Ukraine is a key and important element of European security.

Special attention during the conversation was paid to to the reform of the security sector of Ukraine, the key direction of which is the Security Service of Ukraine reforming and adoption of new legislation on its activities. "We have already begun to move to new principles of special service activity, and the new Law “On Security Service of Ukraine” will establish them definitively. In this process of reforming experience and support of international partners is important to us,” - said Ivan Bakanov.

Head of the Service and representatives of the “Atlantic Council” agreed to continue and deepen the high level of cooperation that already exists between the parties and is an important contribution to countering the threats that two countries are confronted with.

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