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SBU CI detects embezzlement at armor vehicles factory in Zhytomyr (video)

Counter-intelligence department of SBU exposed officials of Zhytomyr armor factory on abuse of state funds during the procurement of service components of questionable quality.

As pre-trial investigation indicates, in spring last year, the officials of the state enterprise, which is a structural part of Ukrobonprom announced a competitive tendering on procurement of the components to the total amount over UAH 1,500,000 (USD 60,000). A private company from Kyiv region won the tender.

During the inspection of tender papers, the SBU officers documented that the bidding conditions of the tender were artificially adjusted for the victory of the certain business structure. Only two participants were admitted to the tender. Exponentially, both companies were connected via a third company, having the shared staff. SBU CI documented that the components were 2,7-5 times higher the procurement prices.

Conditions of the tender required the certificates for the products to meet the USA standards. Instead, the papers seem to be falsified: data bases show that the company which conducted certification is Russian as well as the direct producer - from the Eastern Asia. The field experts conclude that the use of these components could lead to premature failure of the armor, designated for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The officials’ fraud led to unreasonable overpricing of the procurement value on UAH 750,000 (USD 30,000) of state funds. The law enforcement conducted searches at the state enterprise and at the registration addresses of the dummy companies in Kyiv region. The officers seized originals of tendering, financial and accounting documentation, seals of all the entities involved in the fraud, data sheets of procurement and usage of the components, computers as well as almost UAH 400,00 (USD 16,000) in national and foreign currency. Pre-trial investigation in the framework of criminal proceeding initiated for abuse of authority or office that caused grave consequences is under way. The operation was conducted by the operatives of the SBU Office in Zhytomyr region jointly with the Investigative Administration of the National Police under the supervision of the Military Prosecutor's Office of Zhytomyr Garrison.


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