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EUBAM advisors from Poland and Denmark hold master classes for cadets of SBU National Academy

Future SBU officers met with the representatives of the European Union Advisory Mission responsible for reforming of the Ukrainian civil security sector Dariusz Wojcik and Morten Khold of Ukraine at the SBU National Academy.

During the event, international experts told the cadets about the establishment and specifics of law enforcement agencies and special services of their countries. The master classes were held in Polish and English languages.

“The implementation of reforms is, also, based on the foreign experience. For example, Poland follows the Swedish approach. However, any changes should be adjusted to the specific country since each state is unique,” EUAM advisor Dariusz Wojcik emphasized. At the same time, the expert stressed that the respect for human rights and freedoms remains the priority in the activities of security agencies.

The representative of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service Morten Khold described the structure and main activities of the Danish special service that is a part of National Police. Morten Khold stressed the importance of analysis and preventive measures.

“Threat analysis on the basis of open source intelligence helps to prevent acts of terrorism and other grave crimes, while efficient preventive measures save human and socio-economic resources,” the Danish representative said. 

Furthermore, the cadets also learned about the ways of detection and prevention terrorist threats in the EU countries, combination of transparency and confidentiality preservation in special services activities, as well as special training of employees in security sector.

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