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Congratulations on the Day of the Security Service of Ukraine

Dear Ukrainians! Dear colleagues!

Today, we celebrate the 28th Anniversary of establishment of the Security Service of Ukraine!

I sincerely congratulate every SBU employee with our professional holiday.

I know well that Service is not just a job for you, but an innate vocation of your life. You perform this mission with honor. Thanks to you the SBU is worthy of celebrating its day.

Our prior task is to guarantee the safety of Ukrainians at all costs. Sometimes it takes so much – last year added the names to the list of Heroes, who laid down their lives in the East of Ukraine. We remember each of them. We remember each of our colleagues who keeps the peace in our country with their lives.

We gained new experience and became stronger during this year. 

Nowadays, the Service, as the whole country, is countering the global challenge- COVID-19 epidemic. We work swiftly, clearly and coherently, in cooperation with all state bodies.

We have results in combating the aggressor in the hybrid war, in counterintelligence and cybersecurity spheres, in protection of national statehood and critical infrastructure facilities, and in the work of investigative bodies. I am convinced that the dedication, commitment and competence of the SBU will enable us to achieve our main goal - to make every Ukrainian feel safe.

We move on: we protect Ukraine and our citizens every day, we prepare for change and started reformation of the agency in order to be even stronger. We do everything to increase citizens' confidence in the Ukrainian security service.

I congratulate SBU employees and veterans with this Day!

I wish you strength, inspiration, success and great achievements in your service.

Peace, health and well-being to you and your families!

Yours faithfully,

The Head of the Security Service of Ukraine                          Ivan Bakanov

For the Attention of the SBU Head





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