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Odesa region: SBU prevents misappropriation of state agricultural lands worth USD 7.3 million

SBU prevented the misappropriation of agricultural lands of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences in Odessa region.

Law enforcement officers established that the officials of Academy’s state-owned enterprise inappropriately performed their duties, so that it could lead to the loss of valuable lands.

This situation is a result of absence of the proper documentation for land plots by the state-owned enterprises of the Academy.

Due to that fact, some individuals tried to misappropriate almost 6,000 hectares of land of the state-owned enterprise, violating the legislation.

According to State land cadaster estimation, the cost of a land plot is over UAH 196 million (USD 7.3 million). Market price is several times higher.

SBU warned the leadership of the Academy about the existing corruption risks and the need for urgent registration of acts on state ownership of the specified lands, as required by the legislation of Ukraine.

SBU also provided an operative support for development and production of technical documentation on land management, for entering data about the land plot in the automated system of State land cadastre and records in the Land Register.

SBU helped to register the land plots as state-woned and to prevent the unlawful activity of offenders.


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