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SBU blocks hacker group stealing USD 800,000 from bank accounts

SBU Cybersecurity blocked the activity of a hacker group, who stole money from accounts of natural and legal persons using malicious software.

SBU established that the organized group sent e-mails containing malicious software with hacking capabilities, in order to get an unauthorized access to Client-Bank system. After that the money was transferred to dummy accounts and cashed out. Allegedly, the hackers’ activity resulted in UAH 20 million (USD 800,000) losses.

The investigative measures were conducted in Odesa City, Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions by the Main Investigative Department jointly with the Cyber Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine. During 34 searches of suspects’ residences and server rooms, the law enforcement seized computer equipment, mobile phones, bank cards and documents. The evidence will be entered upon the record.

As of now, five detainees were served notices of suspicion of crimes stipulated by P. 3 Art. 28, P. 2  Art. 361, P. 3 Art. 28, P. 2 Art. 361-1, P. 5 Art. 185 and P. 3 Art. 28, P. 3 Art. 209 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Custody was chosen for one of the suspects, 24-hour house arrest – for another two. For the rest of the suspects, choosing custody as a form of detention is being settled.

The investigation is ongoing.

SBU warns that since many Ukrainians are transferred to work remotely, cyber fraud has become popular among hackers, who are trying to obtain money and confidential information.  

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