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SBU Head tells about violations of international conventions on human rights in relation to Ukrainian captives illegally held in ORDLO torture chambers

The Security Service of Ukraine is collecting statements from former captives about the facts of putting them to torture by the members of illegal armed groups, and sometimes by Russian officers.

Back in 2014 the SBU investigators initiated a criminal case under article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (ill-treatment of prisoners of war and civilians). In 2015 the Prosecutor General’s Office passed the case to the Military Prosecutor’s Office. The SBU now assists in investigation, fulfills tasks assigned by the prosecutor’s office and records the facts.


Identified addresses of ORDLO torture chambers

(two – in Donetsk, six – in Luhansk)

·         7 Artema Street, Donetsk, DT Ukrtrans, LLC

·         4 Kobozeva Street, Donetsk, pretrial detention facility No.5

·         15 Molodizhna, Donetsk

·         18 Krasnoarmiiska Street, Donetsk

·         7-b Pushkin Street, Donetsk

·         62 Schorsa, Donetsk, former SBU premises

·         4 24 Liniia Street, Luhansk, pretrial detention facility

·         1 Poshtova Street, Luhansk, LNR commandant’s office



“Our compatriots held as hostages were completely deprived of a right to legal aid, were not allowed to be visited by representatives of international human rights organizations, conditions of their inhuman treatment were not covered by the media,” – Vasyl Hrytsak said.

Our people give evidence concerning outrageous cruelty and cynicism. The SBU Head emphasized that the enemy resorted to various methods and forms. If it is impossible to crack a person, tortures, starvation, intimidation with killing of relatives, children are used.

Vasyl Hrytsak also addressed international organizations with a request to assist in:

tracing whereabouts of persons listed as hostages;

search of 449 missing people.

“We will protect rights of every individual which were violated,” – he stressed.

Almost all our citizens who were illegally kept in prisons testimony that they were not visited either by human rights activists or by international observers.  

Statements from former captives about the facts of putting them to torture by the members of illegal armed groups, and sometimes by Russian officers

SBU is ready to provide all-round support to representatives of Ukrainian and international voluntary human rights organizations and mass media on passing information and organizing meetings with the former hostages.

Vasyl Hrytsak also reminded that the Unified center for tracing of hostages and missing persons was established at the Service. According to him, 3082 persons have already been found for today. Among them there are 1484 civilians, 1598 servicemen, law-enforcers and voluntary battalions’ soldiers.

“There are still 111 hostages in the ORDLO territory (9 among them are in the territory of Russia), 499 are missing”, - the SBU Head informed. He added that data on Ukrainian hostages captured by the Donbas militants were provided to the office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Oland.

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