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SBU has evidence of DNR/LNR terrorists and Russian secret services torturing Ukrainian servicemen to force them to cooperation (video)

During the briefing, the SBU Chief of Staff Oleksandr Tkachuk said that from the beginning of the Russian aggression the SBU Military Counterintelligence has been collecting evidence of servicemen who became victims of tortures committed by DNR/LNR terrorist groups and their Russian handlers to force Ukrainian soldiers to cooperation.

The SBU officers had already questioned almost 1,500 servicemen, the majority of whom evidenced the use of tortures against them to force them to join the enemy and cooperate with Russian secret services. “Raiders, artillerists, special operations soldiers, intelligence officers, members of volunteer battalions were the victims of the most violent treatment and felt all the scope of sadistic amusements of pro-Russian torturers”, mentioned Oleksandr Tkachuk. According to his words, our servicemen were victims of the most violent types of torture such as amputations of extremities, choking, electric shock, burns, forced murder of other captives under penalty of death or the so-called “recruiting on blood”, constant beating etc.

Not all servicemen could bear such inhuman tortures. “Currently the SBU Military Counterintelligence revealed and prevented 76 facts of recruiting Ukrainian servicemen by Russian Intelligence and DNR/LNR terrorists”, Oleksandr Tkachuk stressed. He underlined that these servicemen could not give information to the handlers and agreed to cooperate with the law enforcers. Another 63 servicemen who were forced to cooperate with the enemy by tortures voluntarily informed the SBU officers about it after coming back.

In addition, the SBU recorded 27 servicemen who after their re-recruitment in captivity joined the enemy and took part in the military conflict fighting for Russian terrorist forces. Considering the gained materials the SBU investigators and the Military Prosecutor’s Office launched 12 criminal cases under Articles 258-3 and 408 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Today 47 former captured servicemen decided to address international courts because of being violently treated. 31 of them had already applied to international institutions including the Head of UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine and the Geneva Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.


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