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Lugansk region: former prisoner of “LNR” terrorists provided SBU with testimony about torture in chambers of militants (video)

SBU officers engaged in the Joint Forces Operation in Luhansk region continue documenting the testimonies of the Ukrainian hostages illegally imprisoned by terrorists.

In August of this year, law enforcers serving at “Stanitsa Luganska” were contacted by an elderly man who tried to get into a territory controlled by Ukraine. It was established that the 60-year-old Luhansk resident is the father of an SBU employee who did not betray her oath and left for the continuation of the service to the territory under the control of the Ukrainian authorities. The elderly man was just freed from the torture chambers of the so-called “LNR State Security”, where, through torture and bullying, terrorists for over a year tried to beat out a confession in the pensioner's cooperation with the Ukrainian secret services through contact with his daughter.

According to the man, militants detained him in the spring of 2017, accusing of “illegally” renting a garage. For more than three months, the citizen was kept in complete isolation from the outside world. Then, an “investigative action” was started, with systematic beatings, torture by electric shocker and threats to shoot for links with “Ukres” The prisoner was forced to spend several months in the same cell with the half-crazy former “military prosecutor” of the so-called “LNR”, who was also thrown behind bars by former “comrades”.

Inhuman treatment has led to a sharp deterioration of the health of the hostage. Prison-keepers tried to “treat” him, but to no avail. In the summer of this year, they took the exhausted pensioner to the line of contact, ordering never to return to the “LNR”. He is currently undergoing treatment on a free Ukrainian territory.

On average, SBU operatives see up to ten similar facts each year. Since the beginning of 2018, seven people have provided law enforcement officers with evidence of their stay in places of illegal detention in the separatist-held territories.

The temporarily occupied territory has no legal norms, instead, there is spy obsession and fears the mythical “Ukres’ reconnaissance and sabotage groups”. The SBU warns citizens to be careful not to attract the attention of militants who, for the sake of reporting to their Russian supervisors or making a picture for the propaganda TV, are ready to beat “confessions” out the defenseless people.

The Security Council of Ukraine reminds that all the crimes of militants against civilians will not remain unpunished.

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