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Greetings of the SBU Head on the occasion of the Ukraine’s Defender Day

Dear Colleagues!

Dear Veterans!

Please accept my sincere greetings on the occasion of the Ukraine’s Defender Day – the holiday that absorbed famous Cossack traditions, embodies courage and heroism of defenders and liberators of our native land during centuries-old Ukrainian history! And today is another holiday, big religious day - the Virgin Mary’s Cerement!

Those famous dates are inseparably connected, they symbolize unity of generations, and therefore they are especially cherished by Ukrainians. This is why the Virgin Mary’s Cerement Day was chosen by the Ukrainian Insurgent Army as the day of its foundation.

The guardian of our nation is its culture and spiritual values passed to us by our parents and to be passed by us to our children. Cossacks regarded the Blessed Virgin their intercessor and asked her to gain protection from any evil. So the Virgin Mary’s Cerement guards descendants of glorious Cossacks and those who counter to insidious neighbor-aggressor!

I bow low to you, veterans, and you, defenders of Ukraine, for unprecedented heroism, everyday hard feat for the sake of peaceful life!

I wish you indestructible will, reliable family support, exuberant health, realization of all your dreams and wishes!

Glory to Ukraine!

Head of the SBU

General of the Army of Ukraine                                                                                     V.Hrytsak

14 October, 2016



For the Attention of the SBU Head





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