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SBU Head congratulates personnel on occasion of Dignity and Freedom Day

SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak congratulated the personnel of the Service on the occasion of the Day of Dignity and Freedom.

That day people’s waves of both revolutions combined – 2001 Orange Revolution and 2013 Revolution of Dignity, which laid the foundation of the unique Ukrainian holiday. “The holiday aims to confirm ideals of freedom and democracy in Ukraine, pay respect to patriotism and courage of nationals who defend democratic values, rights and freedoms, national interests of our state and its European choice,” – Vasyl Hrytsak said. 

The Head of the SBU is confident that fate continues to give Ukrainian nation hard times. In the hell of the war Ukrainian national idea is toughened up. The Day of Dignity and Freedom is the holiday celebrated by every conscious Ukrainian, but especially important this day is for those, who came to Maidan at troublous times, those, who defend our land in Eastern Ukraine today.

“We bow low to everyone, who is now defending Ukrainian freedom and independence. I thank every officer of the Security Service of Ukraine for bravery, patriotism, self-possession and patience. I congratulate all of you with the day that is a symbol of restoration of our nation, spiritual freedom! Never forget fallen fighters for dignity and freedom!” – Vasyl Hrytsak underlined.

On November 21 the Head of the SBU together with the leadership of the country took part in the ceremony on the occasion of the Day of Dignity and Freedom.

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