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12:32, 28 april 2017
The law enforcers established that the abusers organized a production of forged agricultural fertilizers in regional center. They sold the counterfeit fertilizers to the local farmers under the image of products of well-known brands.
12:29, 28 april 2017
SBU officials in cooperation with the Police revealed cache with three anti-tank grenade launchers RPG-22 in Kramatorsk Donetsk region.
12:13, 28 april 2017
A 35-year old major of the Police extorted 2,000 USD from a local resident for not bringing him to criminal responsibility for a drug-related crime.
11:58, 28 april 2017
The majors systematically extorted money from the residents who crossed the border. The criminals determined the price of each pass at the sum of 500 UAH.
11:26, 28 april 2017
Law enforcers established that the offenders arrived to Carpathian region for searching the participants among local residents. They proposed the distribution of counterfeit currency to the criminal persons for reward in the amount of 30% from the sum. The SBU operatives detained foreigners and two clients during the selling 100,000 of counterfeit USD and 50,000 EUR.
11:12, 28 april 2017
By the results of the contest in the team classification the winners are: the 1st place – team of the SBU Central Department; the 2nd place – team of the SBU National Academy; the 3rd place – team of the SBU Office in Vinnytsia region; the 4th place – team of the SBU Office in Cherkasy region; the 5th place – team of the SBU Office in Dnipropetrovsk region.
10:33, 28 april 2017
During the meeting with the SBU National Academy staff the SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak presented valuable gifts to 34 cadets who are actors of the performance-requiem ‘War without a Term…’ dedicated to the fallen Heroes of the Ukrainian secret services.
17:42, 27 april 2017
Through the intermediary, the official extorted 35,000 UAH from the resident for closing the executive proceeding and not seizing his property.
17:15, 27 april 2017
The official extorted 200,000 UAH from a local resident for making a purchase and sale agreement on buying trade premises at the stop of public transport with a big stream of people. At that the official price of the trade facility was only 50,000 UAH.
16:29, 27 april 2017
The abuser extorted 10,000 USD from the businessman for assistance in signing the permit to use Kyiv water resources by the Kyiv Regional Council.

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