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14:59, 24 march 2017
The law-enforcers established that the drug dealer planned to sell cocaine to the local resident. The special service operatives documented as offender first passed to client one gram of drug “on approval” and then the “parties” agreed on the purchase of 116 grams of cocaine at a price of 80 USD per gram.
14:12, 24 march 2017
According to the Chief of state, the Service working results inspire patriotic nationals and excite anger of enemy. “Our special service also has learned to solve enemy’s intentions and to act asymmetrically. In general – it passed on to systemic work”, - he added.
11:38, 24 march 2017
SBU officials jointly with the prosecutor’s office detained the prosecutor and the lawyer for bribe in Mariupol.
11:08, 24 march 2017
SBU officials jointly with the police terminated in Kyiv activities of two clandestine armories on re-equipment of small-arms weapon.
17:17, 23 march 2017
The law enforcers established that for 100,000 UAH the criminal guaranteed to the representatives of a commercial structure an illegal decision on their behalf in an administrative case.
17:14, 23 march 2017
In particular, one of Dniprovskyi unit of the SES heads in Kyiv together with subordinate regularly received money from one of the parties of enforcement proceeding for nonconducting of enforcement activities.  In such a way the offenders every month illegally enriched themselves to 12 thousand UAH. The special service operatives detained extorters in due course of receiving the next bribe.
16:25, 23 march 2017
Three residents of Cherkasy organized clandestine manufacture and the storage of counterfeit alcohol in one of garage cooperatives of the regional center. The offenders monthly sold almost ten tons of alcohol with estimated cost in 350 thousand UAH.
14:47, 23 march 2017
The SBU officers apprehended the criminals in December 2014 during their planning of blowing up cash machines near local hospital and military commissariat under the coordination of a representative of DNR terrorist organization.
14:18, 23 march 2017
officers of the SBU Regional Office got certificates for apartments. It became possible due to joint efforts of the SBU leadership, the SBU Office, Zhytomyr City and Regional Council and investors.
13:49, 23 march 2017
Law enforcers found that the criminals illegally interfered by means of special software in the work of automatic systems and networks of state organizations. SBU officials fixed that hackers had copied information from the systems and networks of the Ministry of Justice, the Fiscal Service and the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine. Businessmen sold an access to illegally created database as collected from public sources.

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