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14:23, 17 august 2017
During another trip to the Russian Federation the man was detained by the representatives of FSB, who inclined him to private partnership, threating with criminal prosecution for illegal employment. The guest worker was forced to write a commitment letter about cooperation with foreign secret services and, for the reasons of conspiracy, was given a nickname.
13:31, 17 august 2017
The malefactors who were four residents of Korostenskyi and Luhynskyi districts bought raw amber from illicit diggers in Zhytomyr and Rivne regions. The cutting of the “sunstone” took place in the garage owned by one of the criminals, where they equipped a covert factory.
13:24, 17 august 2017
The criminals formed a set of falsified documents for the customers about their alleged residency in 30-km boundary zone under fake surnames. On that ground, they produced falsified ID-cards of the participants of local border traffic - international agreement, which enables the residents to cross the border freely without checking fingerprints.
13:00, 17 august 2017
The law enforcers established that the major of Police, jointly with the lawyer-intermediary extorted money from foreigners and stateless persons, who arrived to Kyiv Airport. The criminals artificially charged the foreigners with law violation and threatened to bring them to criminal responsibility.
11:12, 17 august 2017
The SBU emphasizes, that the former militant had an opportunity to become a participant of the SBU Program “Waiting for You at Home” and receive a chance to return to peaceful life, but he consciously was hiding from Ukrainian law enforcers.
10:47, 17 august 2017
The operatives of the secret service established that the resident of Melitopol, who set herself up as a famous regional blogger, systematically collected and passed information about movement, places of dislocation, armament and number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine involved in the ATO to terrorists for financial reward.
09:57, 17 august 2017
In particular, the official extorted from the leadership of building company a tenth part of almost million UAH, allocated from district budget to structural repairs of the objects of community property.
17:54, 16 august 2017
Previously, the SBU officials have documented other several cases that the detainee sold weapons of destruction and explosives from the ATO area.
13:13, 16 august 2017
The law enforcers established that the woman passed insider information with restricted access to a representative of Russian secret services.
12:25, 16 august 2017
The criminal extorted 100,000 UAH from a businessman for not making checks and not taking measures concerning tax law violations.

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