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17:16, 02 april 2020
During the operative actions, the SBU uncovered a militant who in 2014 mined six bridges, subsequently damaged by terrorists, in Donetsk region.
13:38, 02 april 2020
SBU documented illegal activity of a high-ranking official of the Ukrainian Ministry on illegal transfer of classified documents.
13:12, 02 april 2020
SBU detained in Ternopil city a criminal group, specializing in money extortion from local businessmen. One of the detainees is a Russian citizen.
11:17, 02 april 2020
SBU Main Investigative Department investigates criminal proceedings upon the fact of presumably criminal actions of the Eurolab PJSC employees, i.e. spreading COVID-19 pandemic and causing harm to Ukrainian people’s health. Allegedly, Eurolab employees knowingly did not inform corresponding state authorities that particular individuals had positive results for coronavirus tests.
09:26, 02 april 2020
SBU CI blocked procurement of low-quality aircraft components to the UkrOboronProm facilities in Kharkiv region.
17:11, 01 april 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine uncovered and blocked illegal sale of explosives, weapons and ammo in Kyiv region.
13:36, 01 april 2020
Within the framework of counteracting the shadow economy, SBU officers exposed a large-scale scheme of illegal sale of alcohol with counterfeit excise marks, which operated in three regions of the country.
13:04, 01 april 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine exposed a representative of the Uzhhorod Zonal Unit of the Military Service of Law and Order on systematic bribe-taking.
12:36, 01 april 2020
In Kyiv, SBU officers detected and terminated the activity of a group of agitprops, financed by Russia, who spread fakes about COVID-19 in Facebook.
12:09, 01 april 2020
The SBU military counterintelligence uncovered Russian agent who planned to enlist in a combat brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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