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09:36, 20 march 2018
SBU officers in cooperation with the Police exposed an anonym who committed a false report of a terrorist threat in Kyiv.
16:31, 19 march 2018
The officers of the Security Service of Ukraine in cooperation with the Military Prosecutor's Office and the National Police exposed two corrupt officials of the Kyiv Customs Office.
14:52, 19 march 2018
SBU officers blocked new attempts of the Kremlin puppet-masters to popularize in the Internet the so-called “Zhytomyr People's Republic”.
14:49, 19 march 2018
Officers of the SBU military counterintelligence found five caches with weapons and ammunition in the area of the anti-terrorist operation, together with the National Police and the Armed Forces.
14:39, 19 march 2018
In Kremenchug, Poltava region, March 18 marked the end of the 3rd Ukrainian Juniors’ Judo Tournament dedicated to SSU officers killed while performing their official duties.
14:26, 19 march 2018
On the eve of the 26th anniversary of the creation of the Security Service of Ukraine, the staff of the SBU National Academy visited Chernihiv to present a requiem play “War Without a Date...” and “Invisible Guard” art exhibition dedicated to the SBU officers killed in anti-terrorist operation.
13:40, 19 march 2018
SBU officers under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor's Office exposed an international telephone operator in Odesa on collaboration with the Russian intelligence services.
13:04, 19 march 2018
The futsal tournament was held between the SBU Regional Offices in Vinnytsia on the eve of the 26th anniversary of the SBU creation. The competition was held to commemorate the memory of intelligence officers who gave their lives in the struggle to defend the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine.
13:34, 17 march 2018
SBU officers blocked the destructive activity of Natalia Goncharova, the employee of the “Russia-24” TV channel, engaged in professional shooting of anti-Ukrainian videos in the interests of the aggressor country.
16:41, 16 march 2018
SBU officers blocked sale of firearms and ammunition in Odesa region.

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