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17:05, 27 june 2017
The SBU warns about large-scale cyber-attack, taking place on June 27, 2017 concerning critical information infrastructure facilities of energy generating and energy supply companies, transport facilities, a range of banking establishments, telecommunication companies etc. Many entities, carrying out entrepreneurial activities of private sector are also suffered.
17:27, 26 june 2017
The policemen extorted 7500 UAH from the resident of regional center for closing criminal proceeding upon committing of road traffic accident.
16:05, 26 june 2017
The operatives established that the local resident who registered some firms and used them to conduct fake financial and economic operations was the organizer of the conversion center. Some dozens of entities in the region that in such a way evaded taxes and legalized their shadow incomes were the customers of the ‘services’ of the conversion center.
14:58, 26 june 2017
The SBU officials detained the abuser in March 2016 in Toretsk of Donetsk region. It was established that he was repeatedly calling and meeting the leader of one of the illegal armed groups named “Veter”.
13:27, 26 june 2017
At the briefing the Chief of the SBU Department on Protection of National Statehood Viktor Kononenko informed that the SBU prevented the attack with the use of explosive devices and flammable mixtures at the office of All-Ukrainian Union ‘Batkivshchyna’ in Kyiv.
11:58, 26 june 2017
The residents of Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Khmelnytsk and Kharkiv regions under the command of handlers from Russian secret services posted calls for mass disturbances before the Day of Constitution of Ukraine in the social networks “VKontakte” and “Odnoklassniki”.
11:02, 26 june 2017
The SBU doesn’t deal with provocations. That is why the claims of the representatives of the DNR/LNR terrorist organizations regarding Ukrainian secret services preparing an action against OSCE supervisors at the administrative border with Crimea do not stand any criticism.
11:09, 24 june 2017
The investigative actions were conducted under the decision of Kyiv Shevchenko district court.
09:50, 24 june 2017
The law enforcers established that during 2012-2016 the top-management of the enterprise appointed at the times of ex-president Yanukovich embezzled more than 130 million UAH of ‘Ukrkhimtransamiak’. This money had to be allocated for the support of the secure activity of the ammonia pipe. The actions of the officials created real background for ecologic disaster by keeping the ammonia pipe in improper condition.
09:46, 24 june 2017
The awarding of the winners of XII Kyiv City festival of amateur theatre ensembles ‘Kyiv Theatre Spring - 2017’ took place in the Center of Artistic and Technical Creativity ‘Pechersk’.

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