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17:53, 08 november 2019
SBU detained officials of Kharkiv State environmental inspectorate, demanding to sign 50 hectares of the State Enterprise land being prepared for privatization.
17:45, 08 november 2019
SBU exposed the officials of the Road Service of Mykolayiv region and regional Oblavtodor company on appropriation of almost UAH 3,000,000 (USD 120,000) allocated for repair of the public roads.
14:09, 07 november 2019
Potential emergencies at transport infrastructure facilities through logging the trees of shelterbelt along the rail tracks in the Kharkiv region was prevented by the Security Service of Ukraine.
13:01, 07 november 2019
In Zaporizzhya region, Security Service of Ukraine blocked the activity of one of the former heads of state-owned enterprise, who organised smuggling of equipment and components for warships to the aggressor country.
16:55, 06 november 2019
The Security Service of Ukraine will significantly increase the efficiency of the fight against smuggling and monitoring of cross-border movement of goods after the launch of unified electronic database of orders for customs inspection, soon to be launched by SBU and Ukrainian Customs.
16:03, 06 november 2019
The Security Service of Ukraine blocked smuggling to the aggressor country of military aircraft components through the “Boryspil” international airport.
15:22, 06 november 2019
SBU Office in Chernivtsi region blocked a large-scale framework for illegal registration of cars with foreign number-plates, which caused multi-million losses to the State Budget.
11:48, 06 november 2019
Officers of SBU Internal security Department identified acting and former SBU officers on criminal activity (unlawfully wiretapping of the subscribers and selling the collected information).
09:37, 06 november 2019
Within the framework of reforming in line with the best international practices, SBU established and held five regional educational events “Hybrid aggression: distinguishing and preventing”.
15:24, 05 november 2019
Security Service of Ukraine blocked theft and sale of equipment for military aircraft in Lviv region.

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