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Illegal cargos worth 0,5 mln UAH are arrested in ATO area during a day

During a day the SBU officers arrested illegal cargos worth 0,5 mln UAH in the ATO area.

За добу у районі проведення АТО затримано нелегальні вантажі на півмільйона гривень

In Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the law enforcers stopped three cars, the drivers of which tried to enter the temporarily occupied territories. In the process of examining the cars, the SBU officers revealed cargos transported without appropriate documentation. More than three tons of different provisions and one ton of industrial goods, in particular building materials were confiscated.

Procedural actions are under way.


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Zhydkov Dmytro Mykhailovych
Shevchenko Daniil Borysovych
Yatsenko Viktor Viacheslavovych

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