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SBU prevents creation of Russian special services agent net in Odesa region (video)

SBU officials prevented creation of Russian special services agent net from law-enforcement officials in Odesa region.

The special service operatives documented that Russian special services ordered representative of the Ministry of state security of unrecognized Prydnestrovian Moldavian Republic to organize the net. The resident of Tyraspil with dual citizenship of the RF and Moldova has been working for Prydnestrovian and Russian special services since 1995.  

The special service officials documented contacts of offender with Ukrainian law-enforcers, rejecting from the work in favor of the country-aggressor. The Russian special services agent recorded conversation on special devices for possible blackmail.

The law-enforcers detained offender in one of border entry points at the attempt of returning to Prydnestrovian Moldavian Republic. During inspection the SBU officials detected special technical devices sewn in his clothes.     

The urgent investigations for establishing of possible associates of detained agent are under way.

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