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SBU detects mechanism of counterfeit butter delivery to nurseries and hospitals of Zhytomyr region

SBU under procedural supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office detected illegal delivery to educational, medical and sanatory establishments of Zhytomyr region of the mixture of compounds on the basis of transfats of unknown origin under the pretense of butter.

During events on protection of food supply delivery as the element of critical infrastructure of the region the law-enforcers clarified that one of business entities became a winner of open bidding for the delivery of butter to nurseries and schools of two district centers of the region, children clinical hospital, boarding school, antitrichomonad dispensary and sanatorium.

The production is delivered through the intermediator firm that don’t have own capacities for production. This firm purchased butter of questionable quality from two manufactures in Rivne and Kyiv regions.

According to expert’s conclusions, the content of animal origin fats in researched samples of pseudobutter, taken from 20 different establishments didn’t exceed 1%. This can harm health of people, especially children. In accordance with the DSTU the butter is produced exceptionally from cream or cow milk.

Currently the authorized searches in the premises of the persons involved are taken place in three regions of Ukraine. The financial and economic documents, computer equipment and counterfeit products, components for its production have been seizing.      

The investigations in the frameworks of criminal proceeding for full documentation of detected mechanism, which could result in critical situation with subsistence support of vulnerable categories of population.

The possible involvement of state institutions officials in illegal deals has been also checking.      

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