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SBU prevents another provocative act of Russian special services in Kyiv

SBU officials in cooperation with the National Police prevented in Kyiv an attempt of conducting of anti-Ukrainian action, organized and financed by Kremlin paymasters.

SBU operatives established that the RF special services planned to conduct an action in Brussels on discrediting of Ukraine before European community. The provocateurs planned to accuse Ukrainian power allegedly in oppression of journalists and “free press”.

For this purpose several citizens of Ukraine set off for Brussels as “speakers” of the round table: “Violation of human rights, limitation of freedom of press and political repressions in Ukraine”. In order to enhance the “effect” from their speech and provide additional “trueness”, the organizers planned live broadcast from Kyiv, in due course of which paid “bloggers” and “journalists” had to confirm information on oppression and prosecution.

The special service officials documented that organizers of faked actions rented “bloggers” and “journalists” on the “black labor market” for 1000 UAH. In order to render impossible their identification by European partners, the supervisors obligated “crowd” to put on black glasses, owing to supposedly prosecutions in Ukraine and fair for their lives.

The only widely known person in this faked event was a people’s deputy of Ukraine of V, VI, VII callings Olena Bondarenko, who has rejected to advertise for law-enforcers. However a rented for “show” audience kindly did this on her behalf.  

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