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SBU investigators issue notification of suspicion to the head of Russian PMC “Wagner” Dmitriy Utkin

ccording to him, notification will be submitted to the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine on Monday, October 9. “We hope that the PGO will support us”, - he noticed.

The SBU Head stressed that the SBU provided exceeding evidentiary database of career Russian servicemen participation in combat operations against the ATO forces in Donbas. In particular, he told about private military companies, which are used by the Kremlin not only in Ukraine, but also in Syria. The best known of these is a “Wagner” group, headed by Dmitriy Valerievich Utkin, better known by his nickname “Wagner”, the number of combat ID tag – M-0209.

“This project of Russian special services let to Kremlin politicians speak with assurance in public and to international community phrases “их там нет” or “мы их туда не посылали”” – Hrytsak underlined.

He pointed out that lately the world saw video and photo of two Russian mercenaries from the PMC “Wagner” captured in Syria. “Russian official reaction was no more than was to be expected, it turns out that they never were the RF citizens”, - the SBU Head marked.

Hrytsak provided evidence of presence and crimes of the private “Wagner” Russian army in the territory of Ukraine. The key of them are - downing of IL-76, assault on the “Luhansk” airport, assault on Debaltseve and other peaceful Ukrainian populated areas. The SBU investigators have already preferred a court material on three contractors of IL-76 downing, including the “LNR” leader Plotnitsky, but today the SBU has got evidences heard of direct commitment of this criminal task by the “Wagner” militants. The investigation has legal grounds for claiming that two “Wagner” group members directly shoot IL-76 from the man-portable air defense system.

The Service established 1570 names and identification data of the “PMC Wagner” militants, including those, died in the territory of Ukraine. The Service estimates that over 5000 of individuals are within the PMC “Wagner”. Their structure and ammunitions are also known. The militants of allegedly private group receive training on the base of the RF GU GS MO.

The Service in the future will make public the list of criminals with all their identification data and will pass them to our partners through appropriate channels.

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